Viktor Radi & Zef RadiThe Radi Brothers were lucky to grow up in a family
where making jewelry was the most natural of things—they
inherited their passion from their father, who is a master
of filigree—a technique that craftsmen have used since ancient
times. Pulling the wire until it gets incredibly thin, twisting it,
then flattening it, cutting it into different lengths, bending it
and putting hundreds and thousands of tiny pieces one next
to another like the finest puzzle of precious metals — for the
Radi Brothers it represents the best way to express their artistic spirit and it is the signature trademark of their line. But they have also pulled the technique into the modern present: for them, using filigree feels like“painting with metals”– they treat their studio like a big canvas where they construct all possible shapes and designs. Patterns are sometimes
exotic—nature-inspired, sometimes structured—more
architectural. Finally, the filigree is built into a logic of
structure—convexity, concavity, volume, depth, layering,
piercing. These ideas are rendered in a combination of gold
and oxidized silver, with precious and semiprecious stones,
all in the service of making the most exceptional jewelry.